Presentation Title Speaker(s) & Compan(ies)
Air Force Digital Enterprise Dr. Paul L. Hartman – RGBSI & Paul K. Harmer – US Air Force
A Systems Engineering Perspective on the Digital Enterprise Chris Orlowski, Ph.D. – Northrop Grumman Corp.
Issues to Overcome to Implement a Digitally Enabled Environment for Product Realization Gregory A. Harris, PH.D. – Auburn University

Model-Based Systems Engineering & Analysis

Presentation Title Speaker(s) & Compan(ies)
Better Defined Software Requirements with Model-based Systems Engineering, Functional Safety Analysis & Control Tuning Rachel Knutson – ANSYS
Enabling Quality Supplier Requirement Development & Requirements Exchange Supporting MBSE Neil Lichty – The Boeing Company
Enhancing Automated Trade Studies Using MBSE, SysML and PLM John Sperling – Aras
Industrial Collaboration to Unlock MBSE Based on Standards Henrik Weimer – Airbus & Steven Vettermann – Prostep
Intelligent Simulation Automation Requires a Solid SPDM Foundation Marc Lind & Malcolm Panthaki – Aras
MBSE at Northrop Grumman Paul Nelson – Northrop Grumman
Querying Large SysML Models Annelisa Sturgeon & Aleksander Przybylo – The Boeing Company
The System Engineering “V” – Is It Still Relevant In the Digital Age? Daniel Seal & Don Farr – The Boeing Company
Tradespace Exploration of MBSE and MBE Integrated Workflows Tony Davenport & Joshua Edwards – Phoenix Integration
Using MoSSEC to Exploit Modeling & Simulation Context Data For Overall Aircraft Design Adrian Murton & Peter Schroll – Airbus
Using Unified Architecture Framework Profile for Fault Tree Analysis in Cameo EA 19.0 beta Tamara Hambrick – Northrop Grumman

Computer-Aided Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Presentation Title Speaker(s) & Compan(ies)
3D Web Player Mark TenEyck – Dassault Systemes
Design to Manufacturing: The Future of Making Mark Hennebicque – Autodesk
Digitally Enabling Supply Chain Integrating Existing Tools Capabilities Guide Application Gregory A. Harris, Ph.D. – Auburn University & Gregory Pollari – Rockwell Collins
Extending the Digital Thread Into Additive Manufacturing Ian Boulton – PTC
For Purpose Apps Powered by eQube A Day in Life – LIVE DEMO Nate Nalven – eQ Technologic Inc.
Increasing Supply Chain Visibility By Extending Digital Thread For Edge Services Lou Pascarella – HCL Technologies
Nominal is Not Adequate – Trends in Factory Automation Douglas Genord – The Boeing Company
Reducing EWIS Manufacturing Cost & Risk via The Digital Thread Anthony Nicoli & John Judkins – Siemens
Technical Enterprise Content Management & Visual Collaboration Stephen Collins & James Martin – Anark
Value Driven Engineering Data Analytics and Audit System Benjamin Naylor – The Boeing Company
Value Driven Sharing of 3D Data using PDF and STEP Kenneth Swope – The Boeing Company

Emergent Technology

Presentation Title Speaker(s) & Compan(ies)
Advancing Point Clouds for VR & Beyond Danielle Perelli & Brad Pugh – Elysium
Affordable Virtual Reality on Next Generation Launch Systems Nathan Christensen & Nathan Holyoak – Northrop Grumman
Digital backbone for the Enterprise enabling Digital Transformation Dinesh Khaladkar – eQ Technologic, Inc.
Industrializing the Additive Manufacturing Valuestream – Exploiting disruption to drive the “art of the possible” Terrence James McGowan – The Boeing Company
Progressive Technology Disintermediation Robert.J Rencher – The Boeing Company
Synchronous Safety Certification Chris Stecki – PHM Technology & Ken Oister – Siemens
Systems Engineering Helps Manage Complexity Jason Wilson – Dassault Systemes
Ultra Large Model Visualization & IP Protection Germar Nikol – KISTERS
Using Low-Fidelity Digital Twins for High Speed Analysis John Glatfelter – The Boeing Company
Exploiting CAD & PLM Assets as a Digital Twin Trevor Leeson – Theorem Solutions

Product Delivery, Support, Test, & Validation

Presentation Title Speaker(s) & Compan(ies)
ABCs of Building a Mobile Application Jaime Kessel – The Boeing Company
ABCs of Building a Mobile Application Jaime Kessel – The Boeing Company
Accelerate Transformation Across the Product Lifecycle via AI and Semantics Rob Donath, Sr. – Dassault Systemes
Additive Manufacturing Challenges With Parts That Fly In Space: LIVE DEMO! Zachary Etier & Blaine Baker – Northrop Grumman
Application Of UCD Methodology To COTS Products Sumonthip Gmitro – The Boeing Company
Culture Change Through Extreme Programming Wesley Saunders – The Boeing Company
Increased Quality with DevOps David Votaw – Northrop Grumman
Panel Discussion: Moving at Agile Speed While Ensuring Compliance David Votaw & Christian Orlowski – NGC; Kenneth Swope – Boeing
Product Management at a large enterprise with a vast geographic spread Vinod Subramanian – The Boeing Company
The Digital Thread Beyond (Product Engineering) and Back Michel Gadbois – iBASEt

Model Based Definition

Presentation Title Speaker(s) & Compan(ies)
An Independent Development Framework Compatible with Major CAD Databases Ram Eswaran & Andre Beaupre – Kubotek3D
Deep Learning In MBD / MBE Sunil Elanayar – The Boeing Company
Dramatically Improve Product Development And Production Planning Mark Teneyck & Etienne Ardouin – Dassault Systemes
MBE Starts with Interoperability Annalise Suzuki & Danielle Perelli – Elysium
Model Based Definition and Minimum Digital Thread Melissa Harvey – The Boeing Company
Moving MBD from OEM to Supplier: Is there a Ringmaster Somewhere in This Circus? Jennifer Herron – Action Engineering
NAVAIR Project Jim Merry – Anark & Asa Trainer – ITI
Parallel geometry validation: A methodology to support aircraft type certification of Model based Designs Cristina Martinez – Gulfstream
PLM Action Group Multiview BOM progress report out Aleksander Przybylo – The Boeing Company
The Evolving Role of MBD at Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems Nathan Holyoak – Northrop Grumman
Use of STEP AP242 in the European A&D industries: benefits, related standards, and future perspectives Jean-Yves Delaunay – Airbus

MBSE Workshop

Presentation Title Speaker(s) & Compan(ies)
2018 MBSE Workshop Greg Pollari – Rockwell Collins and Mark Williams – The Boeing Company
MoSSEC Bicycle Exercise Workshop Audience Feedback
Digitalization, Digital Thread, PLM & MBSE: Where to next? Donald Tolle – CIMdata Inc.