(CAMSC) – Computer Aided Manufacturing & Supply Chain

The automated use of digital product definition is increasing which requires seamless data flow throughout the manufacturing and production systems. The track will cover the areas of processes, tools, and standards associated with data interoperability and focuses on CAD-to-CAM translation, the use of bills of material, parts management and geometry in numerical control, tooling, factory automation, manufacturing execution and non-conformance processes as well as automated identification technologies, self-service and predictive analytics and data warehouse capabilities

Examples: Factory Automation/Robotics, RFID, Additive Manufacturing, Model Based Manufacturing, Data Analytics, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), IIoT for Factory Equipment, Factory of the Future/Smart Factories, Digital Thread through the Manufacturing life cycle, Virtual Commissioning, Digital MRB, Intelligent Workplace, Digital thread to the Supply Chain

Track Leaders: Amanda Novak (Boeing) and Sergio Cortez (Northrop Grumman)

(ET) – Emergent Technologies

The objectives of this track:

  • Identification and introduction of emergent technology related to Product Data Interoperability
  • Best practices, methods, architecture and test-beds to demonstrate the use of the technology
  • Introduction of technology into the supply chain, factory, operational environment
  • Demonstrate Partnering/Alignment with other GPDIS tracks.

Examples: Internet of Things, Machine Learning Analytics, Security, etc.

Track Leaders: Robert Rencher (Boeing) and David Nelson (Boeing)

(MBD) – Model Based Definition


This track will consist of technical presentations, demonstrations and discussions focused on creation and management of Model Based Definition best practices, integration, implementations, issues, challenges, data interoperability, product lifecycle management, standards and visualization presented by the aerospace and automotive industries thought leaders.  Attending this track will give you a unique opportunity to see the innovative solutions being deployed across the industry, build your Computer Aided Design (CAD) peer network and have open discussions about the tactical issues of operating in a heterogeneous world.

Example: Securing 3DPDF, data translation/migration between CAD systems with validation

Track Leaders: John Mimms (Northrop Grumman) and Brandon Sapp (Boeing)

(MBSE) – Model Based Systems Engineering

The MBSE and CAE process develops a complex set of models that are as diverse as the different organizations that create them.  The consistent challenge across the industry is to keep these models aligned and integrated so that they represent a mature view of the system.  The scope of this track is primarily focused on developing and Management), data interoperability, data exchange analyzing product solutions, and their underlying design architectures.  However, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), interfaces to Computer Aided Design (CAD), and the wider variety of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) models will play a significant role in the presentations and discussions.  The expected outcome is to identify the technology gaps, explore unanswered questions, evaluate available solutions, and to share the lessons learned needed to maximize the value of this rich set of data representations.

Example MBSE: Multi-model integration, consistency checking across model based environment domains

Example CAE: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Modeling (FEM)

Track Leaders: Mark Williams (Boeing) and Greg Pollari (Rockwell Collins)

(PDST) – Product Delivery, Support, Test & Validation

The focus of this track is the downstream product scenarios to service, validate, test, maintain, and the delivery of products in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) lifecycle. Many of the interoperability scenarios will focus on the technology, protocols, standards and security methods.

Examples: Verification/Validation, engineering specifications, interoperability to test platforms, MIL-STD-1553

Track Leaders: Tom Dressler (Northrop Grumman) and Kim Wennes (Boeing)


Note: You will receive an email notification upon acceptance of your abstract and the 2017 GPDIS presentation template required for all GPDIS presentations.