PROSTEP INC is the leading vendor-independent PLM consultants for the discrete manufacturing industry. With 250+ employees throughout and 20+ years of experience, PROSTEP specializes in PLM consultancy services and engineering solutions.

PROSTEP INC is the expert in providing leading global manufacturing companies with the support they require for designing and optimizing their internal and cross-enterprise development processes.

PROSTEP INC provides:

  • PLM Management and Process Consulting
  • PLM Solution and Consulting Components
  • PLM Strategy
  • PLM IT Contracts
  • Complexity Management
  • Cross-Company Integration
  • Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Variant and Configuration Management

PROSTEP leverages the notion of an integrated, end-to-end information flow throughout all the phases of the product lifecycle. Using a three-pillar strategy incorporating: standards and the bases, OpenPLM products, and process know how PROSTEP provides expertise in PLM integration and migration.

Our leading partnerships with PLM vendors and technology providers display the utmost position PROSTEP has in commitment to excellence and expertise in the PLM industry.

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PLM Management and Process Consulting and Strategy

PLM Integration, Migration, Collaboration between cross-company/domain with secure data exchange and 3D PDF technology


PLM Solution Experts specializing in connecting, migrating, and/or integrating PLM data with other systems using OpenPDM, enterprise secure data exchange between suppliers and vendors using OpenDXM GlobalX, and engineering collaboration solutions via 3D PDF technology using PDF Generator 3D and 3D PDF Pro.

Connect, migrate, or integrate PLM data with other systems.

Our vendor neutral connectors simplify systems integration with out-of-the-box components. Easily and securely connect your PLM system to any of your other systems, including PLM, ERP, and CAD systems. With PROSTEP, you’ll be able to bridge gaps between partners, customers, and suppliers for easy collaboration.

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Integrating Model Based Systems Engineering and Analysis (MBSE) and PLM