3D Interoperability Framework

Maricopa III (3rd floor)

Precise product definition authority data originates in one of a handful of major engineering CAD/PLM systems and for large aerospace projects is commonly distributed to hundreds of specialized applications throughout the extended engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance enterprise.
Kubotek set out in 2008 to build a modern 3D framework and modeling kernel to enable independent engineering/manufacturing applications to utilize precise product definition data from any source with high fidelity and maximum performance. The resulting geometric database was designed as a superset of the common and unique geometry types of all the major CAD systems. The modern architecture was also able to take full advantage of multi-threading, Unicode, and multiple platform support nearly impossible to seamlessly add into previous generation kernels.
The company has utilized the framework to rebuild and deploy it’s interoperability products focused on translation validation and revision comparison of CAD models and metadata for hundreds of customers in the North American aerospace supply chain. Performance tests with customer data sets have shown an average 400% speed improvement in translation and comparison processing. The licensable framework has also been used by a vendor to complete replacement of a previous generation modeling kernel in the 2022 commercial release of their Optical Engineering program.

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(MBD) Model Based Definition