A “STEP” forward for Product Lifecycle Management

This presentation will review the significant problem of having countless proprietary file formats and the exchange of 3D CAD data since the beginning of 3D CAD modeling. CAD applications and methods using digital data are constantly changing, which predicates the need for a solution to share validated and accurately translated data in the industry. Long Term Data Archival and Retrieval (LOTAR) is a multi-party International consortium for the standardization of the archival and retrieval of digital product and technical data. This consortium is working with ISO and other standardization bodies to standardize across multi-CAD environments enabling them to share 3D data within a Model-Based Environment (MBE) or a digital enterprise. In order to ensure the preservation of design intent, validation properties which include geometric shape representation, assembly features, Product & Manufacturing Information (PMI), among others need to be verified and validated for compliance. Additionally, the presentation will explain the AIRBUS 380 case study which was one of the key driving forces behind the creation of LOTAR. The presentation seeks to answer the question: How can we share validated and accurately translated data as well as maintain data for archival and retrieval that will be relevant 70+ years from now?

(MBD) Model Based Definition