Accelerate Custom Application Delivery with Agile and Model-Driven Development

Companies around the world are leveraging their capacity to deliver fit-for-purpose software solutions at scale to create durable competitive advantage. In fact, according to Gartner, 75% of new business applications will be built not bought by 2021. This represents both a departure from the last decade+ of buying and customizing COTS solutions and a major challenge to IT as, again according to Gartner, three of every five solution development projects fail to meet expectations.

Given this shift and challenge, our mandate is to apply the concepts of visual, model-driven development that have been successful in other domains to application development, and to inculcate a culture in which developers, operations staff and business teams work more closely together to shorten feedback loops and improve outcomes.

In this session, we’ll discuss the critical elements of a modern approach to Agile, model-driven development: from requirement and central feedback management to IDEs that make software development accessible to more types of developers (domain engineers, tech-savvy business people, etc.) to abstraction and automation that enables one-click deployment to cloud or on-premises infrastructure.

With the right tools and methodology, we can deliver custom solutions that hit the mark more often 10x faster than by traditional means.

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