Accelerating Model Based Systems Engineering with a Knowledge Graph

NASA faced the typical systems engineering challenges in the federal space; working across multiple government organizations, large and small contractors, and multiple disciplines and viewpoints; all wanting to see the information as it pertains to their job function.

With a Knowledge Graph, NASA engineers were able to identify and apply a method to institute a federated, tool-agnostic way to interconnect and relate data, supporting decision makers at all levels within the organization. Each related data source across the organization, from math models to hazard records to requirements were made visible in the knowledge graph. The graph model made this possible by expressing interconnected data relationships, regardless of the tool used for authoring or individual data. NASA decision-makers can now quickly see the data they expect, and catch quality issues earlier for data they do not expect.

Join this talk to learn how the Stardog team helped NASA accelerate its system engineering processes by introducing a knowledge graph into its engineering tool ecosystem.

(MBSE) Model Based Systems Engineering