Aerospace and Automotive Cooperation for practical MBSE Standards

Aerospace systems engineering challenges are of enormous complexity. Our industry’s systems pose enormous challenges in terms of system complexity and requirements with an ever growing focus on time to marked, maturity of the products, and key performance challenges such as program lead-time, development cost, program profitability, etc.

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) proposes to employ Models and Simulation to transform system engineering practices of the aerospace industry. MBSE based on modeling and simulation will enable deep collaboration between disciplines, and between OEMs and their respective supply chains.

Peer industries face similar challenges in adopting MBSE to face their particular challenges. For example, our peers in the automotive industry pursue a strong cooperative push towards MBSE in the pursuit of developing and certifying autonomous driving capabilities.

In this presentation we will share a unique collaborative approach to develop MBSE cooperation practices based on modeling and simulation using digital capabilities. In particular, we will share a cooperative set-up between the Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group, gathering the key commercial aerospace OEMs, with the prostep ivip association, gathering the world’s key automotive OEMs. Together, the two groups strive to cooperate to develop standardized processes and formats for MBSE in a cross-industry approach.

(MBSE) Model Based Systems Engineering