Archiving MBSE data: the why, what and how


The aerospace industry is in a phase of transition where many of the traditional documentation deliverables are best represented by models. The development and utilization of data and tool standards is also in transition resulting in widespread variation in how the models are created and preserved. What is required is the development of common principles and supporting applications needed for implementation. To satisfy regulatory requirements this “Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) data” will need to be archived and in a format that enables retrieval at a later stage.

To address this archive issue an MBSE working group has been established as part of the LOTAR (LOng Term Archiving And Retrieval) consortium. The purpose is to define a set of LOTAR standards, shared by international aerospace and defense industries for long term preservation of MBSE Information, taking into account the consistency with the other relevant LOTAR parts.

This presentation will provide a summary of the first year of the LOTAR MBSE working group, along with further details on the why, what and how of archiving MBSE data.

(MBSE) Model Based Systems Engineering