Assessing Model Based Exchange Capabilities

Maricopa II (3rd floor)

To successfully collaborate with external stakeholders (customers and suppliers) in an Integrated Digital Environment (IDE), it is crucial to understand both OEM and Supplier capabilities around data, processes, and tools/implementation. Deficiencies in any of these areas have the potential to cause interoperability issues, data loss, and other unintended consequences.

We will present our work to develop a systematic approach to evaluate whether the capabilities needed for a successful model-based collaboration exist for a potential OEM-Supplier interaction. This includes a model-based exchange (MBX) tool evaluation which is being used to mature Boeing and industry developed tools by continually benchmarking them against the Boeing MBE Supplier Engagement Framework (SEF).

We will also present our Supplier MBE Capability Assessment, which assesses whether a supplier has the capabilities needed to 1) successfully exchange model data with Boeing, and 2) accurately consume model data and collaborate on it with Boeing. Metrics from these assessments will help to inform our approach moving forward.

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(MBSE) Model Based Systems Engineering