Best Practices: Establish a Software Evaluation Lab to Propel Your Digital Manufacturing Initiative

Are you a decision-maker responsible for tools and technologies in your organization? Have you introduced a software and immediately started customizing it to fit your existing processes without finding out why it was designed this way? Have you implemented a complex software without initial proof of value? If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, this session is for you. It will discuss how Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems addressed these concerns by establishing a software evaluation lab to support its Integrated Digital Enterprise initiative (NGIDE), which provides a design to sustainment model-based approach and enables the digital thread and digital twin. Digital transformation initiatives, such as NGIDE, introduce significant amount of change affecting people, processes, and tools. In the past, the company culture often mandated customization of commercial-of-the-shelf software solutions prior to implementation or development of custom software to fit existing processes and minimize amount of change for the people, resulting in systems disconnected from industry best practices, expensive, and hard to maintain, upgrade, and replace. To remedy these problem, the NGIDE leadership established the Evaluation Lab to prevent unnecessary customizations, reduce integration costs, and mitigate risks by evaluating of commercial off-the-shelf software with potential out-of-the-box benefits.

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