Certification – What can be done to make it easier?

Apache I (3rd floor)

The certification of aerospace products is a routine requirement whether it’s the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) with its various Federal Aviation Regulations or it’s a DoD certification to Mil-Std-516. The requirement to certify the products has become more and more difficult as the systems have become more and more complex. Recent military and civilian program have shown that significant cost and schedule delays can and do result from an inability to show compliance to the large number of requirements needed to be met for certification. The lack of requirement definition and visibility during the design process results in late discovery of missed requirements causing engineering rework that impacts test programs and hence certification.
This presentation will focus on what is required to ensure that certification requirements are completely traceable from the requirement through the design, on to the simulation and test. The need for a complete Digital Thread to reduce certification cost and schedule will be presented as well as a potential solution for generating this Digital Thread. Test Article management and simulation synchronization with the design will be discussed.

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