Closed-loop Industrial IoT: giving the model-based ecosystem a reality check

The meaning of IIoT may change depending on whom you talk to. To some, it’s simply about condition monitoring or predictive maintenance of shop floor equipment, to others it is about creating new and differentiated service offerings and business models, or perhaps it is seen as a solution to better understand complex supply chains. None of these perspectives is wrong, though perhaps incomplete when viewed in silos. In truth, Industrial IoT is a much more pervasive, ubiquitous concept for which most are only just now scratching the surface. Harnessing the ability to easily connect to physical assets, understand and assess what they experience in real life, and then holistically analyze/represent those experiences against other key business systems and processes across an enterprise is what is required to breathe life into any model-based ecosystem – and thus, is a key requirement to fully realizing Industry 4.0 objectives. Without closing the loop between virtual and physical – or closed loop digital twin – your model based ecosystem will be unable to accelerate into the future, as it will always be wanting for critical, real-world insights that are otherwise lost in a labyrinth of silo’d processes, systems, and people.

(CAMSC) Computer Aided Manufacturing & Supply Chain