Co-Development of Model-Based Specifications in a Collaboration Exchange Environment


Aerospace business success demands operating in a high energy, fast paced, and cost-conscious development environment.   To be successful in this environment, companies are embracing Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Model Based Design (MBD) to achieve the effectiveness in developing aerospace products better and quicker.

As companies are implementing MBSE and MBE, product buy-package contents are changing from mainly textual based requirement sets to Model Based buy-packages that contain various types of engineering models along with supporting textual requirements. As in textual requirement based buy-packages, it is critical to have high quality Model Based buy-packages to reduce late engineering changes that lead to suppliers cost assertions.

Boeing is developing a supply chain interoperable environment that enables collaboration between OEMs and their suppliers. The system revolutionizes how we package requirements and exchange engineering models while maintaining configuration control and digital thread integrity.   It provides a collaborative environment and data interoperability to extend the Boeing digital thread and requirements traceability across the supply chain.

This presentation will include exchange scenarios for model based specification development with suppliers:

  • Collaboratively developing requirements and models to support model-based buy package specifications
  • Configuration management of packages exchanged between parties
  • Approaches to support intellectual property protection
(MBSE) Model Based Systems Engineering