COVID is no Match for the iFLT Team- How VR beat the pandemic

Apache I (3rd floor)

The iFLT Team is a cross-functional, geographically-distributed team, that works with various programs to model, simulate and test multiple configuration and flow options based on business needs with the end using community. Most recently, we’ve been working with NASA on the SLS program from Michoud, LA, and held over 20 workshops throughout the COVID lockdown.
-The Space Launch System (SLS) Core Stage (CS) and Exploration Upper Stage (EUS) are being manufactured at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) in New Orleans; a multi-tenant facility shared among NASA contractors.
-The SLS production contract specifies a rate of one Core Stage per year, starting with CS3. This represents a substantial increase.
-Simultaneously, as the EUS program ramps up, its production system must also operate at an equivalent production rate.
-The SLS program has made extensive use of Boeing’s interactive Factory Layout Tool (iFLT) (US Patent 2017/0235853 A1) for real-time factory and production system modeling and optimization.
-iFLT has provided an increasingly mature digital twin of the SLS factory. This has enabled a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and facility planners to continue to conduct factory optimization workshops on an entirely virtual basis throughout 2020 and 2021, despite emergent telework and travel restrictions.
Without the VR capabilities offered in iFLT, the incredible amount of emergent work completed, would not have been possible.
Come learn how ingenuity, perseverance, and collaborative spirit helped this geographically dispersed, cross functional team come together during a pandemic lockdown to “Find a Way” in spite of a Lockdown.

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