Deploying MBSE to the Boeing Enterprise – Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned

A Boeing team comprised of members across multiple divisions of the enterprise has been tasked with developing a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tool and methodology set using a mix of commercial off-the-shelf software products, open source software, as well as custom-built solutions. Although considerable resources have been expended by the company to develop and implement MBSE for all programs with design and requirements analysis needs, the development team still faces significant challenges in developing the most ideal solution for all interested stakeholders, particularly in developing a solution that meets the critical program needs of ease-of-use, appropriate depth of functionality, and the ability to be integrated into existing Boeing engineering frameworks. These challenges are being addressed by several initiatives that the development team has introduced relating to best practices in iterative software deployment and communicating with the enterprise.

The MBSE development team at Boeing has also made progress in conquering many of these challenges and has been continually documenting the best practices that it has found to be helpful in response to challenges that were known beforehand, as well as unforeseen issues that only made themselves apparent as the software solution was increased in scope and complexity.

(MBSE) Model Based Systems Engineering