Digital Standards Supporting the Analysis and Simulation Digital Twin

Apache II (3rd floor)

Digital twins require particularization to ensure their usefulness. One particularization, the analysis digital twin, offers access to digital knowledge of the behavior of a product or system. It answers questions that product developers have regarding the actual performance of their designs and has potential to aid customers and users with an advanced, simulator-like experience to enhance their learning and familiarity with the expected behavior of the product. Lack of maturity in the analysis standards may lead to a finicky analysis digital twins that cannot be debugged without the original authoring software and model developers. This presentation presents a mental model for an analysis digital twin that outlines the critical model interfaces for analysis standards, which standards would apply the best and what gaps exist relevant to the use case of the mental model. The mental model is based on an actual aircraft problem, which, due to the large time scales of the operational and maintenance problems, lends itself very well to simulation the aircraft data to tune that simulation – creating a digital twin. The presentation will propose concepts that need to be developed further into standards to make such a digital twin, a robust and trainable simulation model, a reality.

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