Digital Thread for Material Review Board

Digital Thread for Material Review Board Processes (MRB) aims to modernize engineering dispositions of nonconformances in production by integrating data, models, and analysis tools to provide engineers with actionable information for rapid dispositions, process re-engineering, and serial number ƒspecific lifecycle management. The process starts with accurately documenting nonconformances in a structured way which includes precise 3D location information. This structured approach reduces the time required to create the initial nonconformance Tag and decrease the number of Tag rejections. This structured data is then added to a central database which accumulates historical nonconformances over time. This database can then be automatically searched to identify previous nonconformances that are at similar location and type. These search results can then be used as a precedent, enabling engineers to quickly disposition the current nonconformance. In addition, the nonconformances in the historical database can be analyzed to identify recurring “hot” spots that can drive RCCA activities. This presentation will discuss the application of this system to the F-35 manufacturing environment.