(ET) Emergent Technologies Workshop


Theme: Transformative Value of Integrated Emergent Technology (XR, IoT, AI, ML, Edge) across the lifestyle/ecosystem of a digitally defined product

(Open / Maximum Attendees 100) GPDIS Registration Required

OBE Workshop

An outcome-based business model focuses on the outcome for the customer rather than a specific product that is utilized or consumed by the customer. In an outcome-based economy (OBE), customers receive maintenance and support services prior to and after they purchase a product, which engenders the customer-supplier relationship. Because customers pay per outcome in this business model, the customer is always left with the right outcome. The extrapolation of this concept to the goods producers and services suppliers within an ecosystem facilitates the need for a reformation of the collaborative relationship within the ecosystem. This is a prerequisite to achieving the desired outcome based emphasis.

This workshop has two primary purposes: First, to provide a baseline understanding of an outcome based economy, the implications of an outcome based economy within the aviation industry ecosystem and the requisite reference architecture required to enable and sustain this transformative outcome based economic perspective. Secondly, to communicate to Boeing’s strategic IT suppliers an invitation to share with Boeing their knowledge, interest and capability of transforming the A&D industry toward an outcome based economy and draft an initial Strategic Roadmap

The workshop will have three sections: OBE introduction, Technology/System Architecture requirements, and Strategic Roadmap.

(ET) Emergent Technologies