Enabling a global distributed supply model for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing of parts at industrial rates presents many challenges to large aerospace OEM’s. Capacity, Safety, ROI, Quality and IP security are only a few of the challenges being addressed but they represent some of the most important. This presentation will discuss the importance of each of these and the solutions required to meet the goal of establishing an industrialized Additive Manufacturing valuestream. Establishment of an AM global distributed supply model to provide virtual capacity without costly investment in infrastructure is an inviting AM business model. The offloading of capital investment to suppliers while maintaining value is an attractive idea that AM can unlock but not without the development and adoption of standardized definition and process standards for design and fabrication. The diversity of OEM printer manufacturers results in type specific printer drivers in order to protect their process IP. A standardized superset of process entities that encompasses all of the different print methods can be mapped to the proprietary metadata via each OEM’s adoption of the standard. Quality standards for raw material and finished parts are also needed. Additionally, I will discuss the necessity for IP protection and process controls for data provenance and print quantity control.

(CAMSC) Computer Aided Manufacturing & Supply Chain