Enabling the Tool-agnostic Digital Thread for a Digital Twin Configuration

Apache II (3rd floor)

As aircraft and weapons systems include more complexity, sensors and intelligence each product asset needs an accurate digital representation, a Digital Twin, for context to interpret the data streams.  Without configuration context the time series data generated in production and during ongoing operation lack analysis integrity and can lead to misdirected actions resulting in safety issues and liability.  In addition, the ability to interpret and act upon these data often require traceability to prior information from related revisions, the Digital Thread, in order to make decisions.  To complicate matters as artificial intelligence / machine learning get introduced to enable the smart factory, as well as, included in aircraft and other assets in the field, the necessity becomes even greater. Find out why next generation aircraft, UAS/RPAS/UAV, defense technologies, manufacturing equipment, vehicles, and other systems require the configuration context of the Digital Twin with a tool-agnostic Digital Thread, and learn new approaches to realize these initiatives

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(DT²) Digital Twin / Digital Thread