Creating, modifying and representing TDP information in a recognizable and universally accepted way is very difficult, and often leads to the need or desire to customize the way that content is created or manifested from data available today. The inability to quickly modify and create templates for your data that can be used to process a variety of different inputs to fulfill TDP goals and objectives can be crippling.

Data Package Studio (DPS) provides a way to quickly and easily create and maintain templates for a variety of use cases using a user-interface that was built from the ground up to alleviate the struggles of real-time template creation. HTML and 3D PDF outputs provide multiple ways to view and share deliverables.

Join Elysium for an in-depth look at a variety of use-cases supported by TDPs. By reducing the amount of time spent customizing or designing templates and providing users with the tools to seamlessly link different data sources together inside of a 3D PDF or HTML report, TDP requirements can be expanded upon faster and represented more clearly without the intervention of a third party. Demos for DPS template creation, HTML/3D PDF outputs and XSB integration/collaboration will be shown

(MBD) Model Based Definition