Give your workers “Super Powers” with Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality presents a unique new way to interact with digital information that delivers information through visual processing that is easier to comprehend. Combining the iIOT and AR, encompasses capabilities allowing users to source, contextualize, synthesize, orchestrate, and engage with data from their connected products, operations, and systems. Linking these platforms will allow for the ultimate performance for not only your employees, but your equipment as well.

PTC’s Augmented Reality technology allows the user to experience the digital information and the digital representation alongside the physical product simultaneously. This is done using digital twins and 3D overlays. AR experiences rapidly train your workforce on complex tasks with easy to follow step by step instructions. It can also improve employee retention and productivity. PTC’s IIoT platform enables companies to wrap and extend existing decision support tools, such as databases or systems, analyze them, implement applications and create unique user interfaces to manage this information all on a secure and scalable architecture.

(ET) Emergent Technologies