Global IT Application & Data Strategy

Boeing grows its product development, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and support globally, business expectations and requirements require our systems, data, and infrastructure capabilities to meet the global needs. Today, we design and host our systems and data with a US-centric perspective and expect that they will support our users around the globe without considering the issues and challenges such as:

  • Are the systems/data export controlled? US and other country export and regulatory policies (e.g., India, South Korea, Australia, UK, Brazil, ….)?
  • How does Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) help global application/data deployment?
  • How do we deal with data sovereignty & residency requirements in different jurisdictions (e.g., PII)?
  • What is our holistic instancing strategy for global deployment and use?
  • How much data would we replicate?
  • How do we synchronize data with enterprise instance?
  • What about digital thread/twin across multiple instances across the globe?
  • Is the user experience acceptable for business?

In this presentation we will discuss strategies, principles, architecture design & topology, data replication, synchronization, and digital thread of data. We will share results from experiments/PoCs, have a dialog on some of the topics which we have not yet resolved.

(ET) Emergent Technologies