IIoT In the Factory and in the Field

A recent Gartner survey of companies noted that 63% of CEOs perceive IoT to have a significant material business impact. Moreover, 80% of those organizations that have implemented an IoT project have realized greater value than expected. However, studies also show that nearly two thirds of IoT projects never get past the pilot phase.

Stripping away the hype of IoT, organizations found that most IoT projects focus too much on the vendor-specific IoT technology and not enough on how those technologies will be managed and integrated into an organizations existing solutions. In fact, nearly 80% of successful IoT projects relates to this integration, yet most pilots focus on the 20%.

This session will discuss successful approaches to deploying IIoT by using real-world deployments of IIoT in the factory and beyond. We will discuss actual customer use cases, performance results, and lessons learned.

(ET) Emergent Technologies