Implementing the Complete Digital Thread

It is often said that we need to break down the walls between engineering silos in order to be competitive in the 21st century. This position comes from the desire to reduce design cycle time and better leverage engineering expertise across disciplines. What if I told you we could accomplish these goals, and enable the integration of analytic modeling with Model Based Systems Engineering by embracing our silos as the centers of excellence they are and empowering them to connect with one another through managed and verified interfaces? What if I also told you we could integrate these techniques with prescriptive models using fit-for-purpose SysML constructs that allow for the generation of a complete digital thread? This is the goal of the System Hierarchical Analysis Simulation and Modeling (SHASaM) methodology, leveraging proven concepts and techniques from across industries such as Model [software] as a Service (MaaS) and DevOps. This presentation will introduce the concepts of MaaS and DevOps along with their integration with a prescriptive SysML model.

(MBSE) Model Based Systems Engineering