Keynote – Emerging Technologies & the Future of PLM Platforms

HOHOKAM Ballroom

The development and complete lifecycle management of complex, smart-connected products demand open and modular digital platforms that define and manage an organization’s various model-based constructs—an organization’s complete and changing set of product-related digital assets. These end-to-end digital platforms must be easily extended and scaled as business requirements evolve and new PLM-enabling technologies become available. The shift towards enabling robust and resilient business platforms requires a fundamental change. Industrial companies who wish to implement enterprise business platforms now or in the future must rethink their PLM solution strategy, and how they identify, assess, and deploy enabling solutions. They must also identify and adhere to standards and the openness of interfaces that permit their chosen solutions to be adaptable, maintainable, extensible, scalable, compatible, stable, and reliable over multiple upgrade cycles. This presentation will describe this major industry development, what characteristics best describe a future-proof digital platform, and what emerging technologies should be on your radar as a PLM professional.


Emerging Technologies And The Future Of PLM Platforms

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