Lessons Learned: Ten Years of Applying CAD Model Comparison

Kubotek has been providing aerospace suppliers with solutions for validating CAD data translations and engineering change documentation for about 10 years now. Throughout this time, we’ve listened closely to our customers and used that feedback to develop the best tools possible to support CAD comparison needs and requirements for suppliers. In 2018, Kubotek launched the K-Compare brand, a line of all new Kubotek Kosmos-based CAD comparison applications. Kosmos is Kubotek’s proprietary application framework designed to preserve the geometry data structures used by all major CAD databases. The first product under the K-Compare brand is K-Compare Validate, a truly independent auditing tool for validating CAD data translations. K-Compare Revision, the second K-Compare product offering, is being introduced here at GPDIS 2019.

In this presentation we’ll talk about what we’ve learned, share some customer stories and survey results, as well as present Kubotek’s views on the implementation of CAD data comparison.

(MBD) Model Based Definition