Maintaining a Digital Thread among PLM systems using “PLM Sync” Technology

Apache II (3rd floor)

Does your organization have multiple instances of your PLM system? And does your organization have a need to keep “copies” of the same data in those systems? If so, keeping that data synchronized while still maintaining an Authoritative Source of Truth and a digital thread is a significant challenge

For Teamcenter at Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems, the answer to both questions is “Yes”. NGAS’s needs include syncing standards data, syncing across classification levels, and syncing data to customer systems. To address those needs, Northrop Grumman has teamed with eQ Technologic to address those challenges with a technology called “PLM Sync”.

In this presentation, David will present and discuss the variety of scenarios that NGAS is solving, how PLM Sync works, some of the hurdles and challenges faced, and some future opportunities that PLM Sync may be able to solve.

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(DT²) Digital Twin / Digital Thread