Making MBOM creation ‘Fun’ in a single federated Teamcenter and SAP federated screen

Northrop Grumman Aerospace has built a ‘for purpose application for its Manufacturing Engineers that improves user productivity, user adoption with improved quality. EasyMBOM is a ‘for Purpose application that federates data in real time from Teamcenter Unified and SAP, presents the user with the real time EBOM mapped to the SAP MBOM and enables the user to author, edit and restructure the MBOM directly within the single federated screen. The application performs data validation, eliminates all replicated data, keeps the data where it belongs in the systems of records. This results in fastest time to market, improved quality, improved productivity and improved user adoption by focusing on the task rather than the tools. This presentation will show Northrop Grumman’s solution our journey, timeline and benefits.

(ET) Emergent Technologies