Managing a Digital Thread across the Global Supply Chain

Extending the Digital Thread across organizational boundaries to include global supply chains can be a challenge for companies – but those who accomplish this can realize new business opportunities, expand market footprints, and achieve a competitive advantage. Industry-leading companies that design, develop, and manufacture today’s complex products are challenged to “disrupt or be disrupted” by improving products and services, operational efficiencies, and strategic approaches. Managing a Digital Thread of product information is imperative. A Digital Thread provides a robust record of a product’s development for traceability and change control—accelerating access to information, ensuring its accuracy, and providing stakeholders with the means to act on it in a coordinated way with other teams. This session will demonstrate practical approaches global companies have taken across their supply chains to manage digital product data and processes within the Digital Thread while ensuring data security, tool connectivity, and team collaboration. It will present successful use cases spanning industries and complex processes, technical approaches to data management across globally distributed teams, and a review of the value and transformative results that a Digital Thread across an enterprise can offer.

(CAMSC) Computer Aided Manufacturing & Supply Chain