Panel Discussion: Moving at Agile Speed While Ensuring Compliance | David Votaw & Christian Orlowski – NGC; Kenneth Swope – Boeing


Dr. Chris Orlowski, Northrop Grumman
David Votaw, Northrop Grumman
Kenneth Swope, The Boeing Company

The goal of this panel is to have an open and honest discussion about real-world successes and challenges to speed code into production while deploying a DevOps framework.

We will also address corporate compliance in that environment.

The challenge of adhering to Compliance, whether from company requirements or government requirements is the responsibility of everyone in the company. Failing to have the right controls and culture in place could mean paying millions in fines and losing contacts.

We also need to develop a practice of adhering to DevOps principles.

In this panel, we will attempt to address these at a high level.

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