Publication and Validation Strategies to enable a Model Based Ecosystem

This technical discussion will be a review of standards based technical data formats and data streams, and strategies for achieving automation in publication and validation. Well known formats including 3D PDF,

STEP, and QIF will be discussed, and the conversation extended into emerging structured data streams such as HTML5 and GLTF. Different strategies and processes exist for publishing and validating files versus data streams. File-based approaches (such as MIL-STD-31000 Technical Data Package delivery based on 3D PDF & STEP) have been automated and deployed for DoD data delivery in 2018. They represent a significant step in advancing the Model Based Enterprise for defense and are being rapidly adapted by other industries. Emerging structured data streams provide expanded possibilities for data consumption in a Model Based Enterprise. glTF is one standard being rapidly adopted for communication and collaboration strategies for XR applications. The opportunities and challenges associated with publishing and validating digital data streams will be explored. As the industry leaders in production-quality technical publishing and validation, Anark and International Technegroup (ITI) combine over fifty years of experience helping clients unlock the value of their digital data and accelerating the deployment of Digital Thread and Model Based Enterprise initiatives.

(ET) Emergent Technologies