Retrospective and Lessons Learned for Digital Threads through Model-Based Product Standards

Creation of digital threads for data underlying product standards will improve production rates, production costs, product quality, and enable benefits of analytics & simulation. This can be achieved via the Second Century Enterprise Systems (2CES) platform by transforming product standards documents to a model-based format so that every consumer of product standards information receives exactly the information they need, when and where they need it.   Nearly all product standards information is contained in PDF documents that must be read, interpreted, and re-entered into systems throughout the value stream.

For the 2CES effort, the BR&T Product Standards Office has dedicated resources to develop the digital thread for the most widely used product standards, i.e. process specifications, material specifications, and part standards.

This presentation is a follow-up to last year’s Model-Based Product Standard concept. We will discuss what has been attempted thus far, lessons learned, and the roadmap for moving forward.

(MBD) Model Based Definition