Semantic MBD Workflows with QIF

Palo Verde/Yucca

Model Based Enterprise (MBE) brings about Digital Transformation in two important ways: (1) encoding and automation of cyber-physical processes, allowing faster realization of higher quality products at lower cost, and (2) by providing traceability of massive quantities of measurement-related data to the authority product definition model.

The benefits of automation and business process systemization are made possible with meaningful, semantic data packaged in a common MBE standard data format called the Quality Information Framework (QIF). With Model Based Definition (MBD) data (i.e., PMI, FT&A, etc.) becoming more commonplace, QIF is becoming an attractive complete and unambiguous MBD delivery mechanism for industrial end users. In addition to automation benefits, QIF helps to provide data traceability in this age of Big Data, where traceability is sorely needed. MBE provides a paradigm for organizing this data by mapping it all to a meaningful product definition: the master model-based definition enabled by a product data management system. QIF is designed to instantiate this MBE approach to data management.

This presentation will explain and show examples of how semantic MBE workflows can be accomplished in production settings using MBD standards like QIF.

(MBD) Model Based Definition