Steal, or Innovate then Steal. Two Emergent Practice Strategies to Exploit Technical Evolution

It’s not enough to develop or adopt new technical innovations; people, teams, and organizations need to innovate their practices and process to exploit the benefits or risk being replaced by those who do.

The technologies underlying the Model Based Ecosystem are an opportunity to create radically better working practices. Realizing the economic value and remaining competitive will require innovating and changing organizational working practices along with adopting new tools.

Two strategies for developing and installing necessary practice innovations are to steal successful innovations from industries that have experienced a comparable transformation in testability and automation (ex: software development) and build an internal process innovation and theft practice.

In this session, you’ll see analogous practices from software development including test driven development, balanced teams, and continuous delivery to steal for your own development and an application of Simon Wardley’s Pioneer, Settler, Town Planner model as an institutional framework for supporting your own internal innovation *and* adoption.

(ET) Emergent Technologies