Success Lessons From Boeing’s Journey On Path To Prod

Boeing’s Digital Transformation Environment team interviewed product development and service delivery teams across the enterprise and discovered that delivering a Green-Field MVP to production compliantly, required 50+ steps and ~60 weeks to accomplish.

As a team providing end-users with CI/CD capabilities, we asked: How might we deliver CI/CD capabilities in an automated and safe way to support modern development practices? Partnering with Pivotal Labs, we conducted a lean management inspired experiment to automate and streamline our piece of the Path-to-Prod value chain. Since delivering our MVP called ATOMS which enables development teams to self-provision their own CI/CD capabilities, this single product has:

Delivered a Net Reduction of 60K+ hours of waste for both organic software dev teams and service delivery teams

In this session, attendees within IT organizations will learn how this one experiment secured buy-in from leadership for a Path-to-Prod Initiative, how our team approached this experiment, the results and lessons learned along the way. I will also discuss how we have already begun evolving our strategy for this product into our Path-to-Prod Initiative, by co-creating a modern future state for Software Development Lifecycles at Boeing with Control Point Communities from Info/App Sec, Enterprise Architecture and IT Compliance organizations.

(PDSTV) Product Delivery, Support, Test & Validation