Supplier Engagement Framework

Maricopa II (3rd floor)

Boeing’s Supplier Engagement Framework and Technical Data Package

Traditionally, supplier system requirements have been provided in the form of written requirements such as Specification Control Documents (SCD). As part of the 21st century’s digital MBE transformation, we start to see the exchange of 3DMBD (CAD), system architectures, and behavioral models between OEM and Supplier. These models convey requirements and in some cases are even co-developed with the Supplier.

Sharing and co-developing by OEM and Supplier of models that originate from various engineering disciplines brings various challenges with it, for example: different synchronization frequency and methods, different ways of packaging/releasing the models, intellectual property concerns, etc.

Different companies and standardization groups in the Aerospace and Automotive Industries are approaching this issue and are developing rather isolated solutions. This presentation will address a Supplier Engagement Framework (SEF) to standardize and classify OEM – Supplier MBE engagements. We will also compare Boeing and Industry’s Technical Data Package (TDP) approach against the Automotive’s Digital Data Package (DDP) approach. We will conclude with next steps to align approaches and agree on a common collaboration meta-model.

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(MBSE) Model Based Systems Engineering