Support for Platform One to Create Speed and Savings in Defense Acquisition

Apache I (3rd floor)

This presentation will describe DASSAULT SYSTEMES’ pursuit to join the United States Air Force’s (USAF) Platform One initiative to save the Department of Defense up to $1.2B over five years. Platform One takes a DevSecOps approach to software infrastructure, enabling the potential for Continuous Authority to Operate (c-ATO) for Programs. This has the potential to reduce the Systems Acquisition process by months to years. Further, this enables continuous NIST compliance while staying on current releases of technology, allowing Programs to stay current with the infrastructure, enhance productivity, and reduce technical debt. Finally, the presentation will conclude with how Platform One will enable the USAF’s Cloud One across three different Impact Levels (IL5, IL6, and IL7), with traceability from Program Management Office and its supply chain, creating the first truly Integrated Digital Environment (IDE).

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