Technical Maturity Model

Maricopa III (3rd floor)

Anark will review a Technical Data Collaboration Maturity Model that outlines the progression from file-centric to data-centric technical data collaboration. The business and people benefits that accrue as organizations move from ad-hoc, file based, technical data package distribution to the deployment of a modern technical data communication platform are substantial. This movement through the 5 different stages of the model to be reviewed is unique across organizations, internal divisions and can provide efficiencies working with an extended supply chain.

A technical data collaboration platform provides data security, fine-tuned access controls, support for modern web browsers, mobile first strategies, traceable web-based markup and collaboration and can substantially reduce the dependency on files and the applications needed to access them. It can source information from IT systems while reducing the need for consumers and collaborators using this technical & business data to be domain experts.

This approach can also eliminate the unreasonable dependency on a single vendor to “do it all” and why GE Gas Power have taken this journey through the 5 stages, which then allowed them to focus on continuous improvement of their communications and advances in their collaboration with suppliers to improve their overall business.

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(MBD) Model Based Definition