Use of STEP AP242 ed1 to support MBD, PDM and RV&VM; summary of AP242 ed2 Enhancement

 New industrial projects are based on 3D Model Based Design and Manufacturing principles, aiming at supporting the digital thread with seamless communications across the full life cycle.

This presentation remind the scope of AP242 ed1 and sum up its status of implementation by     CAD and PDM editors and integrators; it provides illustrations of use, e.g. CAD 3D GD&T, composite and PDM data exchange. It highlights the role of the CAx and PDM Implementer Forums, and sums up their 2019 deliverables.

It describes the enhancements of AP242 ed2 DIS2, planned to become “International Standard” end of 2019. It includes extensions to electrical wiring harness design, additive manufacturing, and enhancements for 3D semantic PMI. It provides the results of the PDM harmonization between AP242 ed2 and AP239 ed3, planned to become the cornerstone information model for “through life cycle interoperability”.

It highlights the importance of communication actions to speed up the adoption of AP242 interoperability solutions.

The presentation sums the progress of the related ISO 10303 Application Protocols, covering Engineering, Manufacturing and Support, and their relationships with other standards, such as LOTAR and PDF 3D.

Finally, it highlights the importance of A&D industries cooperation to develop and use complex COTS PLM interoperability capabilities.

(MBD) Model Based Definition