Verifiy and Validate Production System

Apache I (3rd floor)

At the Weapons Visualization Center in St. Charles, Missouri, engineers are designing tools, products, assembly stations, production lines, factories and training new employees in virtual reality environments. Proactively developing the manufacturing digital twin supports the lifecycle of a product. From influencing product design, determining manufacturability, and virtually examining all shop floor activities. For a manufacturing digital twin to reach the potential of what it can deliver for manufacturing efficiency requires modeling of the whole process flow or plant. This enables analysis of the complete production system, identification of areas that can be improved, and even predictions of what will happen. The WVC is looking at developing manufacturing digital twins to support entire product life cycles. By modeling entire process flows and facility layouts, the team hopes to analyze complete production systems and harness the power of predictive analytics to maximize efficiencies. New employees can also be trained before ever stepping foot on an actual production line using the same technology. Using Virtual Reality headsets and wands, employees learn processes and build competencies faster than previously possible, as well as gain the muscle memory needed to perform tasks and flatten traditional learning curves. The underlying value proposition spanning all of the current and potential applications for the center’s capabilities is the seamless integration enabled between operations, production and engineering experts through shared, virtual environments in which cross-functional employees at all levels can collaborate.

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