Your Roadmap to AI-Driven Supply Chain–We Have the Technology

The use of AI (artificial intelligence) has created everyday miracles in our lives. Amazon delivers exactly what I need without me 100% sure I ordered it.   My teenagers mumble at their phone–I don’t understand them, but Siri does.

This is AI.

I will show you how this same technology can be used to create similar “miracles” and move toward what our supply chain needs most: omniscience and oracle-insight. I will also show how a focus on interoperability creates exponentially more ROI than you probably expect. After a quick AI primer, we’ll walk through several use-cases and dive into the types of AI that are needed to create this roadmap. I will also share a key technique that has worked best for first creating such an ambitious roadmap, then backing into the individual stepping stones that will take you from today to an AI future.

You don’t need to be an AI expert to benefit from this discussion. You don’t need to have millions to invest in a super computer.   All you need is an understanding that supply chain AI is possible (yes, where YOU work), and its successful implementation will fully maximize the benefits of an interoperable supply chain.

(ET) Emergent Technologies