Theorem Solutions

Helping Engineering and Manufacturing companies maximize CAD and PLM assets


Theorem Solutions has been helping Engineering and manufacturing companies to leverage the value of their CAD and PLM data assets and processes for over 25 years. We help organizations of all sizes, worldwide, reduce costs, time to manufacture, improve product quality and safeguard intellectual property by providing applications and solutions for downstream re-use and supply chain collaboration.

We have recently released applications to utilize those data assets in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality experiences – Digital Realities. We currently provide experiences on Android and Windows 10 based devices – tablets and phones, the Microsoft HoloLens headsets and the HTC Vive – head mounted display. These experiences can also merge data from other databases: ERP, MES and CRM along with proprietary databases to further add value to Digital Realities.

Our unique value is in our comprehensive application suite, technology, and knowledge, gained in providing practical solutions that support CAD, Publishing, Visualization and Digital Reality formats. The processing of Model Based Definition (MBD) information is supported by all solutions, allowing us to meet many use case requirements.

We are an independent UK-headquartered company, with sales and support offices in the UK and USA. We have strong relationships with the major CAD and PLM vendors, including; Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, PTC, SolidWorks, Spatial Technology and Siemens PLM Software and work with other business partners throughout the world.

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Digital Realities for AR, MR and VR

Experience CAD and PLM assets in the latest Multi-Device Visualization

Theorem’s ‘Multi-Device’ Visualization Experience for Augmented (AR), Mixed (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) devices is a single application built from the ground up using the latest graphics gaming engines, producing stunning graphical representations of your data, which is a real game changer to the world of traditional CAD graphics and visualization.

The Multi-Device application currently supports:
• Augmented Reality – Windows 10 and Android Tablets/Phones
• Mixed Reality – Microsoft HoloLens
• Virtual Reality – HTC Vive (Oculus Rift coming soon)

Being Multi-Device, the application allows you to use the same data, in the same visualization application, on ALL of the different low-cost devices at the same time
Your data only needs to be optimized and prepared for use once using Theorem’s ‘Optimisation and Experience Servers’ and then delivers the same Visualization Experience across all supported platforms helping to save money on data preparation, training, and support.

These low-cost devices are bringing an entirely new dimension to the way you can interact with your Engineering and Manufacturing data, democratizing the use of AR, MR and VR, complementing the use of Caves and Powerwall’s by putting the technology in the hands of everybody.

Each device delivers its own unique experience. Choosing which one is right for you will depend upon your use case. Whichever route you take, you won’t require expensive hardware to run Theorem’s Visualization Experience Application or even have a need to have specialists prepare data or install and run it.

The application can be installed on each device in minutes.