Presentation Title Speaker(s) Compan(ies)
Interoperability Challenges and the Industry Response David Bernert, Senior Director, Enterprise Architecture & 2nd Century Systems The Boeing Company
The “Digital Factory” Curtis Carson, Head of Manufacturing Digitalization Airbus
Model‐Based Engineering and Cyber‐Physical Systems Jason Hatakeyama, Chief Architect and Director PLM  The Boeing Company
Engineering a $100B Paradigm Shift: Economic and System  Drivers to Interoperability Innovation Thomas Hedberg, Jr., P.E., M.E., Engineering Laboratory National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Model Based Systems Engineering & Analysis

Presentation Title Speaker(s) Compan(ies)
MBSE Workshop – Overview Gregory Pollari & Mark Williams Rockwell Collins & The Boeing Company
MBSE Workshop – Multi-Model, Multi-Domain Interoperability Gregory Pollari & Nigel Shaw Rockwell Collins & Eurostep
MBSE Workshop – The Transition to MBSE – Maturing the Analysis and Simulation Process Hubertus Tummescheit Modelon Inc.
MBSE Workshop – Smart Manufacturing @ NIST Thomas Hedberg, Jr., P.E. National Institute of Standards and Technology
The FunctionalMockup-Interface:Innovation through Open Standards Hubertus Tummescheit Modelon Inc.
Necessity of the Digital Twin & Digital Thread Marc Lind Aras
Federated Analytics in the Dawn of the Digital Era Patricia Florissi Dell
Successfully Integrating MBS Data Without Replication Using OSLC Brian Schouten PROSTEP Inc.
Managing the Testing and Workflows with MBD Systems Jace Allen dSPACE, Inc.
Requirements Modeling of Embedded System Rajesh Chandra Northrop Grumman Corp.
Transform Production Systems Engineering to Realize the Smart Factory Christian Heck Siemens
Model‐Based Systems Engineering for Aerospace Manufacturing George Thiers & Leon McGinnis Georgia Institute of  Technology
Requirements Modeling of Embedded Systems Neil Lichty The Boeing Company
Aerospace Product Engineering and Verification: The Digital Twin & Digital Thread Bill Chown, Product Line Director & Patrick O’Heron ‐ Simcenter Manager Siemens

Computer Aided Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Presentation Title Speaker(s) Compan(ies)
Securing the Digital Thread in Connected Manufacturing Chris Borneman, CTO Software AG
Standards Based Interoperability for Design to Manufacturing and Quality in the Supply Chain ‐ Part 2 Asa Trainer, VP of Product Operations, C3I ITI
The Digital Thread in Reality David Odendahl, Associate Technical Fellow The Boeing Company
3DEXPERIENCE® Platform for Manufacturing 4.0 Guillaume Vendrou, CEO, DELMIA Dassault Systemes
Industrialized Additive Manufacturing and Importance of Standardization Tom Hoffman, Sr. Enterprise Engineer R∓D Siemens
Connected Factory and Digital Manufacturing: A Competitive Advantage Shantanu Rai, Global Director‐ PLM and Digital Manufacturing HCL Technologies
Product Data Interoperability using Database‐centric Production Control Systems Matt Thorn, Product Manager  Autodesk
Additive Manufacturing ‐ From Trial and Error to a Standard Industrial Process Dominic Gallello, President & CEO MSC Software Corp.
Impact of Cloud‐based, Big Data Analytics and IoT on Computer Aided Manufacturing and Supply Chain Tim Wormus, RVP Americas Presales, MindSphere Siemens

Emergent Technology

Presentation Title Speaker(s) Compan(ies)
Web Service Development Framework and API Management Yong Cao, Computing Architect The Boeing Company
Search PDM Jeffery Jensen, Sr. PLM Architect The Boeing Company
The Democratization Of Digital Reality Mark Davey Theorem Solutions
Digital Thread Enabled Through Semantic Approach Lou Pascarella, CTO Geometric PLM  HCL Technologies
Driving Virtual Product Development in Industry 4.0 Martin Feyereisen, HPC Technologist Dell EMC
Connecting the Digital‐Thread – The Right Data to the Right Place at the Right Time Stephen Collins, CEO Anark
Managing PLM Obsolescence Sanjeev Tamboli, CTO eQ Technologic, Inc
Optimizing Point Cloud Data for the 3D Digitalization of the Physical World Danielle Williams, Customer Engagement Specialst & Nate Soulje, Application Support Specialist Elysium, Inc.
Hybrid Manufacturing:  Opportunities & Challenges with Additive & Subtractive Manufacturing Allessandra McGinnis, Product Manager of Additive, Cutting & Composites Mfg Autodesk
A framework used to bridge between the language of business and PLCS Magnus Färneland, Director Software Products Eurostep AB

Product Delivery, Support, Test & Validation

Presentation Title Speaker(s) Compan(ies)
Lessons learned working in an Agile environment Sean Webster, Software Development Analyst Northrop Grumman Corp.
iSEE ‐ Integrated Software Engineering Environment Alec Rottier, Chief Architect Cloud Computing Northrop Grumman Corp.
Using TFS DevOPS to Automate Northrop Grumman Software Development James Brooks, Software Dev. Analyst Northrop Grumman Corp.
IT Service Management Using TFS Harv Hennington, Solutions Architect The Boeing Company
Testing For The Next Century Ryan Tracy, Validation and Test Service Lead The Boeing Company
Adopting User Experience in An Agile Environment Moni Gmitro, User Experience Specialist The Boeing Company
Enterprise Wide 3D Data Exchange Knut Stettnisch, Account Executive & James Goodale, Business Development TechniaTranscat
An IoT Enabled Factory: Asset Management and  Improved Shop Floor Visibility Madeline Salazer, Manufacturing Engineer Northrop Grumman Corp.
From Source to Target ‐ Support Data for Airline Customers Jamie Kessel, Technical Architect The Boeing Company
Military Supply Chains in a Connected World Ian Boulton, Sales Business Transformation Manager PTC

Model Based Definition

Presentation Title Speaker(s) Compan(ies)
Gulfstream Simplifies Type Certificate and with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Dan Ganser, PLM Staff ScientistGulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream & Dassault Systemes
Towards a Complete Model‐Based Definition Jesse Zahner, Graduate Assistant and Thomas Hedberg, Research Engineer Purdue University & NIST
Enabling design reuse for a complete digital thread Sean Callahan, Technical Fellow The Boeing Company
PLM A&D Action Group Multi‐View Bill of Materials Development and Status Kenneth Swope, Senior Manager The Boeing Company
Improved Interoperability between MCAD and ECAD Design Tools Doug Renwick and Kelli Hosier Northrop Grumman Corp.
Including Cost in the Design Optimization and Simulation during Early Design Amanda Bligh, Solution Architect/Principl Consulting Engineer aPriori
Data Sharing using PLCS ‐ enabling the Digital Thread through life Nigel Shaw, Managing Director Eurostep
CAD Validation Roundtable Brandon Sapp, Jeffery Jensen, Stuart Weiler, Dan Ganser, Annalise Suzuki, Bob Deragisch, Tony Provencal, & Kelli Hosier Elysium, The Boeing Company, ITI, Northrop Grumman Corp., Parker Aerospace, Honeywell, Gulfstream & Elite Aerospace

2016 Presentations

Keynote Speakers
MAJ. GEN (RET) H. BRENT BAKER, SR. United States Air Force IoT – Connecting Assets and much, much more!
ANTOINE SCOTTO D’ APOLLONIA AIRBUS Model Based System Engineering for Aircraft Systems
Paul Dodd, Bill Kenney, Timothy J Smith, & Bob Deragisch The Boeing Company, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Rockwell Collins & Parker Hannifan Panel Discussion: DFARS & NIST Data Protection Requirements
MBSE Workshop
Greg Pollari & Mark Williams Rockwell Collins & The Boeing Company MBSE Workshop – Agenda & Objectives
Greg Pollari & Garrett Thurston Rockwell Collins & Dassault Systèmes Using AP239 for a Publish-Subscribe Architecture
Dr. C. Greg Jensen BYU MBSE Workshop
John Herrold & Brittany Friedland The Boeing Company System Architecture using SysML -Despite the GAPS!
Mark Schulte The Boeing Company External Standards Development to Support Needed Capabilities
Grant Blythe & Mark Williams Mentor Graphics & The Boeing Company OEM-Supplier-Vendor, Deploying Standards and Associated Requirements
SWISS Presentations
Bruce Mayer Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Paper Trail vs. Digital Thread
John Pace ASTM ASTM Compass® – Advancing “Next Generation Capabilities”
Rupert Hopkins XSB Inc. SWISS – The Semantic Web for Interoperable Specs and Standards
Grant Blythe & Mark Williams Mentor Graphics & The Boeing Company OEM-Supplier-Vendor, Deploying Standards and Associated Requirements
Grant Blythe & Mark Williams Mentor Graphics & The Boeing Company OEM-Supplier-Vendor, Deploying Standards and Associated Requirements
Computer Aided Design
Brian Walker & Annalise Suzuki Honeywell & Elysium Automated Teamcenter CAD Validation
Daniel Campbell & Lyle Fischer Capvidia QIF and the Future of Digital Metrology
Matthew Hause PTC The Digital Enterprise Journey
Paul Breon aPriori Class List of Characteristics, Improving Design Through Automated Cost Driver Analysis
Dr. C. Greg Jensen Sync, Inc. New Collaborative CAx Tools: Effects on Standardized Work and Phase/Stage-gate Processe
Dave Opsahl & Jordan Opsahl Tech Soft 3D TDP Made Easy
Knut Stettnich & Rade Zrilic TechniaTranscat Complete Data Sharing Throughout the Extended 3D Enterprise
Trevor Leeson Theorem Solutions Today’s Formats for Documenting Engineering Data
Computer Aided Manufacturing & Sourcing
Phil Spreier 3D PDF Consortium Best Practices for Creating Technical Data Packages (TDP) using 3D PDF and STEP AP242
Asa Trainer ITI Standards-Based Interoperability for Design to Manufacturing and Quality in the Supply Chain
Myon D. Caruthers Honeywell FM&T Assembly Process Animations
Bruce Hiebert & Ian T. Gilkerson The Boeing Company Multi BOM Configuration Management
Alastair Orchard Siemens Digital Factory The Digital Enterprise
Model Based Systems Engineering & Analysis
Gregory Pollari Rockwell Collins Leveraging STEP AP239 for Publish-Subscribe, Architecture, and Structural Model Integration Consistency
Jeff Smith Dassault Systèmes Technology Innovation Transforming Atoms to Systems
John Herrold & Brittany Friedland The Boeing Company Investigating JPL’s Open-MBEE Plugin for Application to Large Scale System Modeling
Shantanu Rai & Rakesh Banga HCL Technologies MBSE and IoTization of PLM Systems to assist in Support, Testing and Validation.
Kurt Woodham NASA Langley Research Center SAVI Behavior Model Consistency Analysis
Leon McGinnis & George Thiers Georgia Institute of Technology Model-Based Systems Engineering for Aerospace Manufacturing
Neil Lichty & David Patterson The Boeing Company Imagine the Future of Requirements Exchange with Suppliers
Grant Blythe Mentor Graphics Leveraging an Interoperability Platform for Improved Project Reporting
Tony O’Hare & Mark Schulte The Boeing Company Solving Product Challenges by Leveraging OSLC and the Jazz Platform
John Sperling Aras MBSE and the Business of Engineering
John Herrold & Mark Williams The Boeing Company Insights from Large Scale Model Based Systems Engineering at Boeing
Product Delivery, Support, Test, & Validation
Kim Wennes The Boeing Company Continuous Delivery – The Journey Continues
Ryan Kiggins The Boeing Company Design Thinking
Ryan Tracy The Boeing Company Using ITIL to Drive IT Improvements and Business Integration
Scott Pigman & Joseph Hillery Northrop Grumman Corporation Getting Agile
Mike Zakrzewski Northrop Grumman Corporation Transitioning from Project to Product Thinking
Curtis W. Brown Honeywell FM&T Model-Based Quality enabled by Persistent Product Characteristics
Ousmane Loum The Boeing Company Driving First Time Quality: Eliminating waste and Ensuring Rapid Feedback
Joe McCormick The Boeing Company DevOps 2.0: Using Modern Tools and Practices to Develop, Maintain, and Manage Scalable Microservices
Jose Altovar & David Votaw Northrop Grumman Corporation DevOps Using TFS
Raymond Kok Siemens PLM Software Digital Enterprise – Openness Standards and Best Practices
SOA, Cloud, High Performance Computing
Henrik Weimer Airbus SAS Data Exposure and Analytics in an A&D OEM context
Bryan Zigler The Boeing Company IT as a Service
Kaus Phaltankar & Michael Becker EMC²/Virtustream Highly Secure Enterprise Hybrid Cloud – Safely Operating Systems of Record in a Hyrbid Cloud
Stephen Collins & Jim Merry Anark Extending advanced 3D MBE publishing and collaboration to Cloud and Mobile applications
Sanjeev Tamboli eQ Technologic, Inc. API Gateway Based Integrations
Christian Lewis & Sean Paddock EMC²/Pivotal Microservice Architectures
Bill Boswell Siemens PLM Software Improving Product Performance Intelligence
Chris Borneman Software AG Government Solutions Connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT)
Jeff Moffa Auros Knowledge Systems Knowledge Aware Engineering
Darin McKinnis CEI (Computational Engineering Intl.) Beyond CEI EnSight General Purpose Post and into Data Storage Reports & Decisions
Satish Gandhi ANSYS, Inc. Engineering Simulation On the Cloud