The Great Race of Digital Transformation

October 2, 2020 – November 24, 2020


How is your model based enterprise today?

With the proliferation of data and the extensive set of models that companies manage today, many would claim that the enterprise has achieved model based expectations.  Indeed there are petabytes of data, much captured in some form of model.  Our supply chains exchange data at all levels and our products are growing more intelligent every day. 


So is our digital transformation complete?  Many would argue no.  The digitization of existing business processes has certainly occurred, yet the true value of models and model based thinking has not been fully realized.


Join us at GPDIS 2020 where we are pleased to partner with CIMdata, Inc. and offer a combined event of GPDIS and PLM Road Map.  Together we will explore digital transformation and what it will take us to FULLY achieve it.   Using the Great Race as a metaphor, we will explore the building blocks of digital transformation and how interoperability will enable the digital transformation journey for industry. 

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The Focus:

The Global Product Data Interoperability Summit (GPDIS) functions as a communications hub for industry principals to foster knowledge through the exchange of ideas, solutions, and methods.
It is a place to build consensus on the data, tool and process standards based on the experience of liked minded professionals. 
Unlike any other conference, GPDIS represents the core data representations and delivery systems that drive our industries. 
The format is vendor-neutral, but all solution providers are encouraged to demonstrate both their technologies and their success stories. 
The range of process methods encompasses MBE, MBD, MBSE, CAM, Product Analysis, Support, the emerging technologies and more. 
The depth of experience extends from a vibrant vendor community, through the large OEMs and engaged lower tiered suppliers, to the family manufacturing business.