The Focus:

The Global Product Data Interoperability Summit (GPDIS) functions as a communications hub for industry principals to foster knowledge through the exchange of ideas, solutions, and methods.

It is a place to build consensus on the data, tool and process standards based on the experience of liked minded professionals. 

Unlike any other conference, GPDIS represents the core data representations and delivery systems that drive our industries. 

The format is vendor-neutral, but all solution providers are encouraged to demonstrate both their technologies and their success stories. 

The range of process methods encompasses MBE, MBD, MBSE, CAM, Product Analysis, Support, the emerging technologies and more. 

The depth of experience extends from a vibrant vendor community, through the large OEMs and engaged lower tiered suppliers, to the family manufacturing business.

Digital Engineering in the Model-Based Extended Enterprise

When the United States Department of Defense announced its Digital Engineering Strategy in 2018, it was considered a revolutionary step function change in the importance of models and authoritative sources for these models.  In 2023, the strategy saw a refined focus through an updated DOD policy 5000.97 on digital transformation, modernizing engineering practices, maturing technology, and increasing interoperability of the industrial ecosystem of OEMs, suppliers, and customers.

With the increasing adoption of digital twin / digital thread, the importance of the supply chain to every company’s products and services, and the critical relationship between data and interoperability, what is required to ensure the “authoritative source of truth” is maintained? What are the key requirements that must be fulfilled? How can the industry demonstrate that?  What gaps remain?

Join us for GPDIS 2024 where we will examine this important topic and more with key insights from industry leaders and solution providers alike.  Along with our industry leading technical discussions in a multi-track format that includes the model-based domains in Engineering and Manufacturing, Digital Twin/Thread, Emergent Technology, and Interoperable Standards, we will host workshops focused on MBSE, Digital Twin/Digital Thread and more.

September 23-26, 2024