Category Question Answer
All Will my presentation be published on the site before I present it? No, all presentation will be posted the day after they are presented.
All Can I present at more than one track? As a partner yes, as long as you submit an Abstract and it gets approved.  As a sponsor you are permitted one abstract per sponsorship.
All How do I cancel my conference registration? Please refer to the “Contact Us” page to find the Registration contact.
All How can I participate in a Panel Discussion? Please contact the specific track leader and discuss your interest in participating in a panel discussion.
All Will the slides be made available and will we be able to download the presentations? Yes, generally a PDF of the presentation will be available the day after the presentation.  You will be able to download all abstracts and presentations.
All Will the keynotes Speakers be available during the breaks? In most cases yes.  
All What meals will be served at the conference? Please see high level agenda on the GPDIS site for scheduled breakfasts and lunches.
All What should I wear? Business casual attire will be fine.
All What happens if there is a schedule change on the agenda? Prior to the beginning of the conference registered attendees will be notified of any schedule changes.  After the beginning of the conference, changes will be announced prior to the key-note sessions.  You can also locate any agenda changes during the summit at
All How can I qualify for a free registration? Attending as ‘Academia’ or ‘Media’ or as a ‘guest’  qualifies you for FREE registration
All Who do I contact if I have a complaint? Please send any complaints to prior to the summit.  If during the Summit you can ask any track leader or planning team member for assistance on who to contact.
All Will there be wifi available in the track rooms for me to use with my presentation? Unfortunately no, the presenters do not receive wifi in the track rooms.  Typically they do one of the following:

1)  Create a camtasia of the demo in order to prevent any glitches and they are able to talk thru the demo, stop, start, etc. and no connections are needed.
2) Some use the tethering on their cell phones.

Option 1 has always been an impressive way!

Attendee It looks like I’m supposed to register and pay for the hotel thru the GPDIS site, when am I supposed to do that?  You should register and reserve your hotel as soon as possible.  Late fees will apply two weeks before the summit.
Attendee Can I bring my spouse to see me present? Only registered partners can attend the presentations.
Attendee Can my spouse/partners attend? They cannot attend the actual sessions or breakfast/lunches.  They can attend the Monday vendor fair if registered ahead of time.
Presenter I assume I am supposed to make the other arrangements (flight and car) thru travel manager, is that correct? Yes if you have been approved by your manager to attend
Presenter I haven’t seen the agenda and I don’t know when I’ll be presenting? Your track leaders will let you know when you are presenting. Please contact your track leaders.
Presenter Do you know how long the approval process takes for the Request for Release of Information (RROI)? For Boeing – Plan on 3-4 weeks but if you stay on top of them it would go a little faster
Presenter When is my presentation due? Please see Presenter Info for all milestone dates. It is preferred that we receive your presentation as early as possible.
Presenter Why is my presentation due before I present? GPDIS track leaders need time to review and approve all presentations for quality and format before they are published and presented.  If changes are needed, you will have time to go back and update your presentation.  Providing your presentation in advance also ensures it will be posted online (after you present) and available to all GPDIS attendees.  The media has identified the GPDIS posting of past presentations as a great technical resource.  We cannot guarantee it will be posted if not received by the due date.
Presenter What if I have changes to my presentation after I have sent it in? You can send an updated presentation as long as it is before the presentation due date of 8/30. All changes after that date will be subject to not being published on the web site. 
Presenter When will I know if my abstract has been accepted? You will get an e-mail shortly after the due date of the Abstracts
Presenter If I am a presenter, do I have to pay for registration? Yes, everyone attending GPDIS must register.
Presenter How do I know who my track leader/contact is? You would have received that information in the ‘Abstract Acknowledgement” email and you can also go to the site under Event Info
Presenter How do I know what track to choose for my abstract? Select the first and second track choice you feel is the best fit.  On the GPDIS Website, select Event Info then Tracks to see the descriptions.  Track leaders will make every effort to place your presentation in the track you prefer but may decide to assign a different track if there’s a better fit or due to scheduling.  Track leaders will let you know your assigned track.  
Presenter Does my time slot include time for Q&A or after my presentation? The 40 minutes includes your presentation and Q&A. Additional Q&A may have to be taken ‘off-line’. You will be given incremental time updates by the Track Leaders to ensure you leave time for questions. 
Presenter Who should I notify if I need to change the person presenting? Your track leader.
Presenter Can I use my own format for my presentation? All presenters are required to use the provided GPDIS PPT template.
Presenter My presentation is a large document and I am not comfortable with compressing it.  Can I hand it to the Track Leader when I arrive at the conference? No, all presentations must be received by the due date.  Create a PDF for the publishing on the website and then keep the full size PPT for your actual presentation.
Vendor Can an industry attendee co-present with a solution provider who is not registered as a sponsor? No, all vendors attending must be a sponsor of the GPDIS
Vendor How do Vendors get selected for the Summit? All solutions providers companies are welcome to attend by sponsoring the event. First time vendors qualify for first time sponsorship option. Returning vendors can select a sponsorship from several packages available. 


If you have additional questions, please Contact Us